Uterine Cancer

  • Fourth most common cancer in the U.S. behind breast, lung and colon cancer.
  • Most common gynecologic malignancy.
  • Eighth leading cause of female mortality from cancer.
  • 97% arise from the endometrium (endometrial carcinoma).
  • 3% arise from the mesenchymal components (sarcoma).

Uterine cancer – signs and symptoms

  • Painless vaginal bleeding or spotting is key sign.
  • Pap spear not dependable for detection.
  • Direct aspiration of cells provides best analysis.
  • Late signs of malignancy include palpable mass, discomfort or pressure in lower abdomen, bleeding following intercourse.

Risk factors for uterine cancer


O = Obesity
L = Late menopause
D = Diabetes mellitus
A = cAncer: ovarian,breast,colon
U = Unopposed estrogen
N = Nulliparity
T = Tamoxifen, chronic use

How uterine cancer looks like?

Links to some studies relating to uterine cancer