About Us

Win Over Cancer is a registered, 80G and 12A approved not for profit organization to provide support to cancer patients. This is one of a kind organization, which provides support to cancer patients by cancer survivors.


As per ICMR data for 2016, more than 14.5 lac new cancer patients are reported every year in India. An analysis of Indian cancer registry data suggests that 56% of these i.e. more than 8 lac patients are in the working age group of 25 to 55 years.

Our survey of 1,700+ patients interacted between 2011 to 2016 reveal that 95% of these patients lose their livelihood to cancer. Poor social security system coupled with high cost of treatment means that in most cases, cost of treatment is funded from patients’ savings. By the time the treatment is completed, most patients are drained of their assets. Due to long recovery period and stigma against the disease, appx 85% survivors fail to get re-employed post remission.

Result: More than 6.5 lac families in India are being pushed to poverty line due to cancer every year.


Win Over Cancer is working on reducing the economic cost of cancer. The organization works around the following four objectives:


  1. Spread awareness about cancer and help in early detection
  2. Help patients leverage from limited treatment infrastructure in the country
  3. Help reduce cost of treatment
  4. Help cancer impacted families attain long term financial stability


The organization successfully places the cancer survivors in the society through medical guidance, information, and financial independence. The mission of Win Over Cancer is threefold: survive, support, and save. Win Over Cancer hopes to spread awareness about cancer so that it is diagnosed in initial stages to improve survival rates by organizing various programs at schools, colleges, offices, and factories to educate people about cancer. We also hope to expand the reach of existing treatment facilities to patients in small towns and rural areas by helping patients procure medicines at distributor prices and save money on high retail margins, & pathology tests through corporate tie-ups. We want to create a self-sustaining model for survivors and their families which leads them to financial independence. The effort rehabilitate survivors, help them find compatible jobs by providing skill development.


Arun Gupta ( Founder)
Kavita Gupta (Co-Founder)
Ravinder Kr. Gupta ( Senior Advisor)
Prashant Mehta ( Medical Director)
Anand Soni ( Head of International Operations)
Sumant Gupta ( Medical Director/Executive Board Member)



  1. Our patients have saved over Rs. 10,20,000 in medicinal costs due to our subsidized medicines program.2. 34 survivors and members of cancer fighter families have been rehabilitated by us.3. 86 patients provided free second opinions from our panel doctors.4. Developed a prosthetic bra for Rs 1,500, around Rs. 7,000 less than current imported counterparts.5. Have distributed more than 300+ Bras to 150+ patients free of cost at AIIMS in last four months till March 2017. Patients have saved more than Rs 25 lac from this program6. An MOU with Enactus, the Indian arm of the global college students NGO.  College students will have the oppertunity to be involved in our programs.

    7. More than 2700 people have attended our 20+ camps till March 2017

  2. 64 Blood and platelet donations have been facilitated in the last five months
  3. 3 crowd funding programs organized for needy patients in the last five months. Funds raised – Rs 3.8 lacs
Year Nos Increase
2011-12 61
2012-13 123 202%
2013-14 247 201%
2014-15 323 131%
2015-16 492 152%
2016-17 626 127%
Total 1872


Patient Demographies
Parameters Total Male Female Rural Urban
Patients spoken 1872 1056 816 923 949
General counselling 1872 1056 816 923 949
Financial counselling 296 112 184 129 167
Second opinions 86 51 35 42 44
Palliative care 38 18 20 15 23
Alternative medicines 926 410 516 670 256