Financial Rehabilitation Services

Project NameDetails
Crowd Funding Support
1. Customized programs for needy patients and survivors to help them fund cost of treatment
2. Financed school fee for a 14 year old cancer survivor
3. Running a project to generate funds for Bone Marrow Transplant of a 17 year old boy fighting stage 4 ALL
4. Funded medicines and PET scan of a couple of patients
Skill Development Programs
1. Patient’s Relatives/ Survivors are trained on more than 15 vocations to start their ventures
2. These include products like chocolate or simple vocations
3. Tie up with skill development institutes and NGOs working in this area
Placement to Cancer Survivors
1. Tie-up with 4 corporates, 2 Indian and 2 MNCs
2. Seven people placed last year
Entrepreneurship Mentoring
1. We mentor these people to start small ventures involving low investment and immediate returns
2. Can be towards supplying goods or providing services
3. Also help them with raising micro finance
4. 23 people rehabilitated this year

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